Jonathan McCarver
(901) 570-0395
1824 Felix Ave.
Memphis, TN 38114

About Me

I am a computer programmer by trade and a serial hobbyist in my personal time. Generally my work has been web programming, server side programming in particular, but I have also done network distributed java applications, iOS mobile apps, standard executable programs in C++ and advanced applications and games in flash using actionscript. I additionally have done many things outside my trade that help me have a well rounded approach to new problems as well as giving me good tools to communicate better in varying situations. I pride myself on being able to communicate complex technical details of my work and my teammates work to non technical persons and other departments.

My work has also put me in positions of leadership at different times conducting the work of anywhere from 3 to 12 other developers and coordinating those efforts into a solid and cohesive final product. These experiences have also taught me how to balance the people on a team, recognizing how to best utilize the talents of each member and to maintain each persons feeling of worth, importance and appreciation. I believe that treating people right and working to maintain their emotional well being can be immensely valuable to the productivity of a team as well as the quality of the final product they produce.

Programming Proficiencies

Personal Proficiencies

Work Experience


Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology, Component Programming, 5.2007 - Southwest TN
Completed program 12.2005

Diploma, Germantown High School, 6.2001

References available on request.